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What you measure, you can manage!

This exercise is about developing and attaining understanding, so only good can come from trying them.

You don't have to try these questions if you don't want to. They are simply for developing your own understanding.

Each Module of the course finishes with a short Test Yourself questions section, for which answers are also provided later on.

Both the questions and answers are available through the screens of the course, and on separate PDF work sheet type pages, which again you can print out if you have a printer.

Even if you don’t think you understand everything, don’t worry about having a go at the Test Yourself questions. This exercise is about developing and attaining understanding, which is actually enhanced by attempting the questions, whether correctly or incorrectly, so only good can come from trying them, and if you keep at it you will soon be able to answer them once you get used to them, and this will help you to learn, too.

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“Once we begin to see the immense benefits of guidance that come from committing to our deepest truths, following our Conscience becomes more and more welcoming with each victory of Self-Honesty. Confidence builds with each experiential awareness, until eventually, trusting in our Conscience becomes a natural and effortless occurrence.”

- James Blacker, Wisdom The Course

Taken from Module Ten

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