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Navigating The Key Message Pages

Click the left half of a key message image to go back, and the right half to continue.

Click the left half of a key message image to go back, and the right half to continue. The white line, arrows and words in white are not seen on the Course screens themselves.

Wisdom The Course has 52 Key Message screens to reinforce many of the most important aspects and insights.

In alignment with the Full Screen experience, and to remove the need for any cluttering over the Key Message page displays, an ‘invisible’ navigation link system has been devised so that you can move to the previous page of a Key Message screen by clicking on the left half of its image, and move to the next page of the course by clicking on the right half of the screen. Mouse-over alt tags will also indicate to you which link you are hovering over.

If you have accessibility requirements you can still navigate, as text-based links will appear for any browsers that are set to disable style sheets (not recommended for general use).Screenview

“Manipulation has no place in effective Communication. We must have an interest in, and openness to, the other Person’s best interests in order for Communication to actually be Communication, and not mere attempts at manipulation; Conscience by-passing, Ego-driven desire for gain. And we must also have an interest in, and openness to, our own best interests, beyond the limiting Ego or conditioned Mind with its own Value Judgements. Remember, The Mastery of Desire accommodates our acquiring of all non-Egoic desires, moment to moment. So the incentive to by-pass The Ego and False Self in order to spontaneously, naturally and effortlessly express effective and authentic Communication becomes inexorably compelling.”

- James Blacker, Wisdom The Course

Taken from Module Fourteen

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