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Ongoing Activities for Advancement at Any Time

Journals can be done on any given day, whenever, as and when you wish.

Journals can be done on any given day, whenever, as and how you wish.

In addition to the specific exercises, more general journaling can be done through the use of three additional Journal Sheets provided.

Journaling is an excellent way to get at one’s thoughts more effectively, and the clarity of thoughts derived from this practice can be used to create more desirable daily outcomes.

The first two are for basic journaling at the end of a day, or following a dream after sleeping, and the third is available for use as a targeted focus for anything which you think or feel may be of use to you.

Again, these can also be done on plain paper as the ‘lead in’ sentences or prompts are provided.

A further PDF of a spare lined page which can be used for extra space when doing both exercises and journals is also provided.

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“Once we begin to see the immense benefits of guidance that come from committing to our deepest truths, following our Conscience becomes more and more welcoming with each victory of Self-Honesty. Confidence builds with each experiential awareness, until eventually, trusting in our Conscience becomes a natural and effortless occurrence.”

- James Blacker, Wisdom The Course

Taken from Module Ten

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