Part Three: Self Mastery (3 Modules)

The three Modules of Part Three of Wisdom, The Course are;

18. Sensory Acuity: Your Inner Compass

Screens of Module Eighteen Pages.

Page Screens of Module Eighteen.

Sensory Acuity is a rather wonderful name given to the degree to which an individual is in touch with those factors of their own self, and around them in their exterior world, to which they can respond appropriately, pursue their chosen outcomes, influence their experiences and design their life. It is about how well attuned you are to yourself.

The process of information coming into you, being processed, and you responding to it, is one that is going on all the time, constanly acting to shape and define our lives, interacting with our thoughts, actions, behaviours, beliefs, determining the quality of our communications with others and with ourselves, and so on. Therefore, the extent to which we can harness this activity, and get a hold of it – and then continually maximise it – is the maker of your relationship to your own ‘Inner Compass’ to life, health, happiness and true success. This Inner Compass goes all the way back to the source of The Authentic Self’s Wisdom itself; your most awake and best you. Further details in full…

19. Harnessing The Ever-Available Faculty of Genius

Screens of Module Nineteen Pages.

Page Screens of Module Nineteen.

Module Nineteen is all about a very natural, yet very rarely talked about and even more rarely used human attribute; Genius.

In this Module we consider what Genius is, and what it isn’t. We discuss why it is not as widespread and commonly used as it can be, and how we can access it’s constant and bountiful gifts. Everyone can harness Genius, and this Module will tell you how, and why.

There is no downside to Genius. It is totally free, extremely beneficial, and can bring an extra element of creativity, invention, opportunity and light to any life. By the end of your reading this Module, your sense of self and of your own potential for Genius will have been prompted so sufficiently for you to begin to develop and cultivate your own relationship to it. Further details in full…

20. The Mastery of Time

Screens of Module Twenty Pages.

Page Screens of Module Twenty.

The final Module of Wisdom The Course, Module Twenty, The Mastery of Time, focusses fully on a variety of issues and wisdoms relating to this most mysterious and enigmatic of subjects. In this final presentation is both the enigmatic side of time, and the practical, everyday, functional aspects of time. This includes an address of the capacity for living in the moment, and the freedom from time that comes from awareness of that part of us that is aware of time – and is therefore also free of time, to The Mastery of Timing, and the practical side of our life’s experience of time, from increasing free time by removing ‘Egoic time’ and ‘False Self time’, managing our time better, The Mastery of Patience through Right Action, free time by design, and even, finally, thoughts on the length of time of our life, as we challenge our pre-exisiting notions of life being our ‘three score years and ten’, and even what we can do with that time. Further details in full…

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“No bigger fallacy exists than the notion that we have no control over our emotions. In fact, we are all the makers of all of our emotions. Whether we do that consciously, or not, is a different matter.

When we are conscious, and to the extent to which we are conscious, we do indeed consciously choose all of our emotions. When we aren’t conscious, even to any degree, we are still the ones who choose all of our own emotions – we just aren’t aware of how we do it – or, indeed, that we do do it at all.”

- James Blacker, Wisdom The Course

Taken from Module Nine

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