13. Integrity and Integration, Karma and Intent

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The first Part of Wisdom The Course (Modules 1 to 12) covers the individual’s relationship to his or her own self.  However, we also live in a world of other people, and so this second Part of Wisdom shows the way to success in that department.

Sartres suggested that “Hell is other people”, and it certainly will feel that way if we approach other people Egoically, seeking to gain things from them that they don’t want to give.  So as well as empowering ourselves, just within our own individuality, physically and emotionally, we also want to get ourselves powerful in terms of the way in which we interact with other people.  ‘Powerful’ means to not need to control them.

Our experiences with other people can indeed be Heaven, or they can be Hell, depending on whether we approach them with our Authentic Self’s agenda, or our Ego’s agenda.  If our relationships with other people are often strained and unpleasant, this is a sure-fire sign that we are trying to get out of them some False Self sense of emotional or psychological reward to satisfy our nagging Ego, either directly, or indirectly.  This is a main area where, for better or for worse, our Intent manifests into our Karma, and we will cover both in this Module, and throughout the whole of Part Two.

“As soon as you want something from someone that they don’t wish to give you, or which isn’t in their best interests to, they immediately become your enemy. You make yourself their enemy. This applies to all things, whether personally, in terms of love, or socially, or commercially, in terms of a sale, or business agreement, or similar.

Fighting to gain from others that which they don’t wish to give drains our energy. This is where identifying as The Witness and The Authentic Self is particularly noticeable for its empowering and self-assuring approach. There is no integrity in taking any actions based on Self-Seeking, which includes the conflict of seeking from others that which is not in their best interests or express wishes.” – James Blacker, taken from Wisdom The Course

No fully comprehensive teaching of life or wisdom is complete without an element to cover ethics and integrity also, and this will be covered in the Course as well.

“Unethical behaviour closes the lid on the expression of one’s Personhood. There is no way ‘up’ to go within the confines of unethical behaviour, one can only remain caught in the vortex of the social conflict which is driven by selfish fear. Returning to ethical behaviour and social cohesion is the only way ‘out’ and ‘up’, to anything worthwhile or fulfilling.” – James Blacker, taken from Wisdom The Course

The Prosperity of Co-operation and Unity: Understanding an Abundant World

In addition to the social freedom factor, there is also the reality that working with everyone else is the most efficient use of everyone’s resources, and working against everyone else is the least efficient use of everyone’s resources.  Why do you suppose it is that are we not all millionaires?, or at least living a millionaire’s good lifestyle?  Quite simply because between us humans we waste the vast majority of our collective resources separating our interests from those of others.  When we see how we do that, we can reverse the wasteful and inefficient activities and thought processes that cause that, and find greater prosperity and efficiency in our lives through unity of an overall, integrated purpose, as is already being done to certain extents today.

“The very essence of who we are as people is intrinsically defined by the fact that we are inextricably connected to other people, other things, and the World and Universe in and around us.

The notion that who we are starts and ends at the outer edges of our physical body is one that will only take us so far, and certainly not to the full level of fulfillment that we are capable of. If we wish to experience a fuller sense of harmony, health, prosperity, and connection, – and a deep sense of meaning, we may begin to think, act and live in terms of Integration…

Scarcely a moment goes by without requiring us to integrate with something or someone. If we wish to be happy, healthy and effective, we must integrate our work life with our family life. We must integrate our need for nutrition with our desire for pleasure derived from food. We must integrate our own lives and needs with those of others…” – James Blacker, taken from Wisdom The Course

The Main Subject Headings of Module Thirteen…

The following are the main subject headings of Module Thirteen: Integrity and Integration, Karma and Intent.

  • Ethics
  • Integrity and Integration
  • Karma and Intent
  • True or ‘Integral’ Integrity
  • Integrity and Integration: Committing To Yourself
  • The Cost of Separation: Why Are We Not All Completely Prosperous and Wealthy?
  • The T.E.A.M. Principle
  • Saving the World and Creating the World
  • Written and Observational Exercises
  • Test Yourself Questions

Smaller, subject sub-headings in this Module include; Release from social conflict, Individuality and Communion, Integral Theory, From being Competitive to being Supportive, False Self based motivations for competing, Peace is the source of boundless positive energy, Integrity and ‘good’ deeds, Getting one’s own ‘house’ in order, Inviting, not criticising, and Kosmic Colleagues.

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“Being ‘Visionary’ is simply the perspective of the extent and depth of one’s compassion, which in turn is determined by one’s sense of self, infused with the necessary further ingredient of the belief that we can actually influence the course of our lives. The more one identifies with ‘the all’, or the ‘Uni-verse’, the ‘turned towards The One’, the more one is likely to hold in mind – and also in heart – a vision or perspective that encompasses ‘the all’; everyone and everything. Wider compassion, bejewelled with the empowerment belief that things can be influenced for the better, fuels the will to see the ways in which people can live more effectively and benefit exponentially from the total of resources that are available to us.”

- James Blacker, Wisdom The Course

Taken from Module Seventeen

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