Part Two: You and ‘Others’ (5 Modules)

The five Modules of Part Two of Wisdom, The Course are;

13. Integrity and Integration, Karma and Intent

Screenshot of Module Thirteen

Page Screens of Module Thirteen.

The first Part of Wisdom The Course (Modules 1 to 12) covers the individual’s relationship to his or her own self. However, we also live in a world of other people, and so this second Part of Wisdom shows the way to success in that department.

Our experiences with other people can indeed be Heaven, or they can be Hell, depending on whether we approach them with our Authentic Self’s agenda, or our Ego’s agenda. If our relationships with other people are often strained and unpleasant, this is a sure-fire sign that we are trying to get out of them some False Self sense of emotional or psychological reward to satisfy our nagging Ego, either directly, or indirectly. This is a main area where, for better or for worse, our Intent manifests into our Karma, and we will cover both in this Module, and throughout the whole of Part Two. Further details in full…

14. Communication and ‘Divine Schizophrenia’

Screens of Module Fourteen Pages.

Page Screens of Module Fourteen.

Communication is the basis of all inter-personal relationship and success, and as such it is something that we cover here in great detail in this Module Fourteen, both in a conventional sense, and in a wisdom-informed way. Both are important.

Understanding wisdom, as is covered in the first Modules of the Course, sheds new light on communications and gives us a new perspective on them which empowers us to not be bound or constricted by the need for them to go a certain way. This frees us up to communicate effectively, and defines an Ego-aware approach to communication. As part of this we shall also introduce the concept of ‘Divine Schizophrenia’.

Furthermore, combining this with an understanding of wisdom and Karma and Intention (as covered in the previous Module) allows us to see all communications, both verbal and non-verbal, in a way that is easy to deal with and manage, as simple expressions of our consciousness. Further details in full…

15. Relationship Wisdom

Screens of Module Fifteen Pages.

Page Screens of Module Fifteen.

The syllabus for Module Fifteen covers Relationship Wisdom, and with our understanding of communication and Karma and Intent from the previous two Modules, we have the basis for addressing what we might think of as ‘Marriages made in Heaven’. Whether those be literal, conventional marriages, or simply great natural and uncontrived or unmanufactured connections, we have built our understanding of Ego-aware communication and interaction from previous Modules so that we have a basis here for insight as to what relationships, or a ‘match made in Heaven’ may actually be. And because the same principles apply to all kinds of relationships, including social and business as well as personal, we can see how all of our relationships of all kinds can be fruitful and fulfilling with the same quality of harmony and success. Further details in full…

16. The Mastery of Forgiveness

Screens of Module Sixteen Pages.

Page Screens of Module Sixteen.

The great philosopher and scholar, Socrates, first explained that when we refuse forgiveness we punish ourselves, and that we are actually the ones we continue to hurt. If we honour and pay attention to this truth wherever it is relevant to us we can see the ways in which we can give full expression to our own capacity for love – self-love and self-honouring, as much as anything – by releasing the blocks to effective forgiveness.

This Module looks at the ways in which we can work with our understanding of those things which we think we cannot forgive so that we can return the power back to ourselves, and also return to the point of power of the present moment. We cannot do anything about the past, but the relevance of not forgiving is about what is going on with us ourselves, and in the now moment, with our thinking. And so it is this that is the current issue, and because it relates to us, now, it is something which we can do something about. Further details in full…

17. Purpose, Contribution, Prosperity and Fulfillment

Module Seventeen Screenshot

Page Screens of Module Seventeen.

With almost all of our studies done, we can now get into the nuts and bolts of how to apply oneself to maximum effect in one’s life and work in a way that applies wisdom to achieve prosperity and fulfillment. This is an area that many struggle with, thinking that money isn’t spiritual, or avoiding the economic reality altogether. Again, though, we’re simply applying simple wisdom principles; being true to self, understanding and removing the negative impact of the self-seeking and attaching Ego and other artificial blocks, integrating with others with integrity and communicating oneself accurately, finding and making the most of one’s natural, innate talents, expanding and embracing one’s human potential, maximising prosperity through unity and co-operation, and listening to one’s voice from within for guidance, compelling purpose and clarity of action. All this results in deep fulfillment and the most effective person we can be. Further details in full…

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“The positive, and even liberating impact that such a change in mindset with regard to learning and growing can have in a person can literally be remarkable to witness, and immensely revitalising to experience. When combined with an understanding of The Eternal Truths, it provides the very foundation for the path which each of us wishes to lead to our true heart’s desires.”

- James Blacker, Wisdom The Course

Taken from Module Five

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