8. Awakening to Your Body’s Wisdom

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The body hasn’t always been respected in some traditional circles, with many thinking that it is second best to enlightenment – with the result, as pointed out in this Module on Body Wisdom, that many previous supposed ‘masters’ suffered crippling diseases and painful deaths.  However, that view is now dying out in the modern age, and, if you look at any well-known modern spiritual teacher, for example, you will see a physical health programme or practice that sits alongside respect for the mind.  According to this Course, good health is indeed ’spiritual’, so as part of a fully comprehensive course of wisdom we’re going to see how we can harness it.

“I have to say, master of what?  Master of your thoughts?  If you’re master of your thoughts you’re master of your body!”  – Peter Ragnar

This Module runs on a par with our Body Wisdom Campaign and Culture, and the skills and insights understood in this Module can be developed and expanded upon outside of this Course through that very campaign.  The essence of this is to get people listening to their bodies, and the information being provided.  We then go into that further so that we can make a few more distinctions - to develop a greater depth of distinction in the way we pay attention to our bodies, and then also include an understanding of the mental/emotional side, and with that, how The Ego can also influence and get in the way of our Body Wisdom expressing itself.

Once this is mastered, one has a virtually indomitable basis or grounding for good health.  This does not guarantee you’ll never get ill in any way, but the vast majority of all modern ills are brought on by a lack of this self-mastery, as, medically speaking, we are in the age of the Degenerative Disease.  A hundred years ago we were all dying of infectious diseases.  Now, as those have largely been cured in the modern World, we are all mostly dying of degenerative diseases.

It’s worth noting also that a Body Wisdom approach is vastly enjoyable.  The whole essence of it is that we do those things which make us feel good and strong and alive.  Being in tune with ourselves, and getting the negative naggings of the mind out of the way, are key to this more enlightened approach.

“Are you enjoying the physical activity you are doing? Or is it a strain because you are doing it out of Fear? If you have been conditioned to think of yourself as a couch potato, is your Self-image actually getting in the way of the fact that actually, you might quite like to get your body moving? Provided it is sensible, and expert advice were sought, when done correctly, exercise is always enjoyable and energising – it gives you more energy, rather than destroys it.

Listening to The Body is a great way to make the most of what enthusiasm you do have for physical activity.” – James Blacker, taken from Wisdom The Course

As part of a fully comprehensive and integrated Course, we include a Module on Body Wisdom, not just to ‘cover all the bases’, but also because approaches to various life subjects need to be integrated with approaches to the other life subjects; the emotions or desires, for example.  The eighth Module on Awakening to Your Body’s Wisdom includes the developing of an understanding and explanation of what symptoms are, a call to be inspired to see that there are no limits to the degree to which one can develop the ability to listen to the body – meaning that one has a tool for improving one’s health, strength and physical vibrancy throughout life!, and distinction breakdowns for listening to the body in some of the key areas; breathing, posture, digestion, sleep, energy and the like.

The final quarter of the Module dips into an understanding of how the mind, Ego, Shadow and emotions are relevant, making a crucial distinction between aging and degeneration, and finishing with a brief discussion of the obstacles that may occur for everybody wishing to develop and integrate a lifestyle based on listening to the body, and honouring that to the full.

“Integrating a Body Wisdom Lifestyle … can mean having to create circumstances and opportunities for yourself (and others) where previously none existed. This is because what is common is not necessarily normal.

We are designed to move, to respond to our bodies, to not work too hard, to breathe in nature, to only eat when we are hungry and sleep as much as we need to.

Integrating Body Wisdom into our lifestyle requires us to design our lives. It requires a bit of thought and a bit of working around. And once we have a conviction for responding to our own needs we find that no circumstances will prevent us from accommodating that which gives us life.” – James Blacker, taken from Wisdom The Course

The Main Subject Headings of Module Eight…

The following are the main subject headings of Module Eight: Awakening to Your Body’s Wisdom.

  • Mind, Body and Spirit: The importance of ‘Body’
  • About Body Wisdom
  • The Art and Science…
  • Listening to The Body…
  • …and of the Information Being Provided
  • Psychology: Removing the Artificial Barriers
  • Integrating a Body Wisdom Lifestyle
  • Everything is Relevant to Our Health
  • The Gift of Life
  • Written and Observational Exercises
  • Test Yourself Questions

Smaller, subject sub-headings in this Module include; What Symptoms Are, An Opinion-Neutral Approach, An Ever-Improving Capacity, Silent Running, Flow or Stress?, and Aging as Distinct from Degeneration.

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“...if we are interacting with someone and we are influenced by Shadow, we may effectively not be talking with them at all, but with the representation of what they trigger in us. We are physically speaking to the person in front of us, but we are not really seeing or speaking to them, we are interacting with the effects and representations of our Shadow beliefs – and using this third person as a ‘dummy’ to do so. Not that they’ll thank us for it.”

- James Blacker, Wisdom The Course

Taken from Module Four

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