12. True Success: The Mastery of Desire (Continued)

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Continuing on from the previous one, this Module develops the ideas of True Success and The Mastery of Desire further with deeper detailed explorations of such concepts as The example of a ‘Desire-Fear Alloy’, Good compromise and bad compromise, ‘Purifying’ one’s thinking, one’s Consciousness, What’s the Reflection?: Clear mind, clear pool and Weeding out Self-Seeking Desires.

The main essence or thrust of this is to do with a deeper understanding of The Feedback System, and enabling ourselves to work with it in the most effective of ways.  We’ll look at this in detail, noting a couple of ways of approaching it, and also noting some of the pitfalls that people’s thinking can fall into in the act of such things as ‘Conscious Creation’ and The Law of Attraction.  This Module explains what The Law of Attraction is, and, equally as importantly, what it isn’t.

We finish this considerable piece of work on True Success: The Mastery of Desire by listing twelve of the main principles of good creative action towards achieving desires.

This is just the beginning of the adventure though, as in the next Part of the Course, Part Two (Modules 13 -18), we’ll cover and master ’You and ‘Others”, as we learn and consider the importance and benefits of integral, all-inclusive thinking, and this is capped off at the very end of the Course with the final three Modules in Part Three on ’Self Mastery’.

“One of the vital components of successfully responding to our own Feedback System is the clarity of mind with which we receive and perceive our own Feedback.

This can be thought of as peering into a pool of water. If we have good Self-Honesty and Mastery of Love, we will be able to see things clearly and as they truly are. This can be thought of as The Mind being equivalent to a crystal clear pool of water – you can literally see into it clearly and accurately. This requires a calm, peaceful mind, relatively free from Ego.

Conversely, however, if we are Ego driven, and look for love and happiness outside of ourselves, the lack of Self-Honesty that often accompanies such a mindset will leave us with a muddy, murky pool in which we can see nothing clearly. Here, Self-deception often hinders our creative efforts.” – James Blacker, taken from Wisdom The Course

The Main Subject Headings of Module Twelve…

The following are the main subject headings of Module Twelve: True Success: The Mastery of Desire (Continued).

  • Completing Freedom from Karma, and Taking Responsibility
  • Knowing and Identifying Egoic Desires
  • Value Judgements
  • Success, But at a Price
  • The Feedback System
  • The Pitfalls of ‘Conscious Creation’ and The Law of Attraction
  • Integrity and True Conscience
  • In Summary: Intentionality, Awareness and Grace
  • Twelve Rules for Practicing The Mastery of Desire
  • Written and Observational Exercises
  • Test Yourself Questions

Smaller, subject sub-heaings in this Module include; Taking responsibility, Weeding out Self-Seeking Desires, The example of a ‘Desire-Fear Alloy’, Good compromise and bad compromise, ‘Purifying’ one’s thinking, one’s Consciousness, What’s the Reflection?: Clear mind, clear pool, There’s no such thing as Failure, and Changing one’s mind as distinct from quitting.

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“Are you enjoying the physical activity you are doing? Or is it a strain because you are doing it out of Fear? If you have been conditioned to think of yourself as a couch potato, is your Self-image actually getting in the way of the fact that actually, you might quite like to get your body moving? Provided it is sensible, and expert advice were sought, when done correctly, exercise is always enjoyable and energising – it gives you more energy, rather than destroys it.”

- James Blacker, Wisdom The Course

Taken from Module Eight

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