11. True Success: The Mastery of Desire

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The syllabus for Modules Eleven and Twelve comprehensively address a definition of success, what True Success is, and the mastery of one’s desires moment to moment.  Modules Eleven and Twelve are effectively one double-sized Module, and they build on the content of the previous Modules to make full sense of this area of life.  As the central crux and thrust of most people’s lives, to achieve their desires and goals, this is often the subject that most people want to get the best possible handle on.  It’s important to note then that these Modules work effectively as powerful understandings because of the build-up work that has gone on before them, and, indeed, also thanks to the next lessons in the upcoming Modules.  Emotions, body, career, interactions with others, forgiveness, harnessing genius, mastery of one’s use of time - it’s ALL part of the same picture.

The first task is to define what desire actually is and explain the nature of it, which is actually very basic and very simple.  We call this discovery a ‘Eureka!’ moment, when one begins to understand the order of things and the automatic and natural way that self-fulfillment comes about when one’s pre-conceived obstructions are out of the way.  There is nothing magical about this though.  It’s not magical thinking.  It is simply all about getting one’s consciousness aligned with being true to self in the relevant ways that one can; with regard to Ego and with regard to one’s Shadow.

And we must also make a distinction when we talk about ‘effortlessness’.  By this we don’t mean literally without effort all the time, but without struggle - though things can indeed seem effortless.  It’s important to understand the power of the mind and one’s own flow of positive, self-respecting consciousness without taking it too far to conclusions that deny the reality and impact of other factors of life - the prime other two being other people; culture, relationships, etc., and natural physical laws; gravity, calories, etc.

We again use Etymology to set our base camp and establish the main principles, origin and source of desire, and then develop our understanding from there with a whole range of concepts to develop our skills and ability further.  These include a discussion on Self-sabotage, which many people find very helpful to understand why that happens, Karma, and a rather more user-friendly definition of Sin based on our understandings to date of The Ego and The False Self.

All of this leaves us with a very clear and concise understanding of the differences between Egoic and Non-Egoic Desires, and those of True and False Desires, and we can then apply these effectively.  When we stop pursuing the false and the Egoic, we find that we have a heck of a lot more energy, time and resources available to us for those things which we do truly desire.

“Have you ever wondered where your Desires come from?

What determines what you want, and what you DESIRE?  What determines the difference between what you vaguely want, and what you DEEPLY DESIRE?

Sometimes we get cajoled, by television, by society, relatives, or salesmen, and such like into thinking that we want certain things, or even statuses, relationships and associations, when we really don’t.  We think for a while that maybe we do want them, but we really know deep down that we don’t.  These, we might refer to as False Desires.

On the other hand, there are things that we do desire from deep down in the core of our being.  These are our True Desires, but again, would it help us to think about exactly where they come from?

Once we realise that the source of our True Desires is actually the same as that source of our own very Beingness, we can begin to understand why it is so easy to see that we can achieve all of our true and genuine desires once we remove the misleading ‘wants’ of our conditioned Egos.

If your True Desires are natural, and your true nature doesn’t need forcing because it comes naturally, then you can effortlessly achieve your True Desires.  The only thing that gets in your way is yourself.  Or rather, the extent to which you have allowed your conditioned self to take over the helm of your life.” – James Blacker, taken from Wisom The Course

The Main Subject Headings of Module Eleven…

The following are the main subject headings of Module Eleven: True Success: The Mastery of Desire.

  • One Amazing Eureka! Moment
  • The Starting Point of All Desire
  • Self-sabotage
  • Etymology: Original Meaning of the Word, Desire
  • What Desire is: The Beginnings of The Mastery of Desire
  • True Success
  • The Authentic Self: A Complete Experience of What it Means to Be Alive
  • Karma and Desire
  • Sin as False Desire
  • Written and Observational Exercises
  • Test Yourself Questions

Smaller, subject sub-headings in this Module include; The Ground of Desire, Reason enough for Self-Belief, ‘Making it Happen’? Power versus Force, The Law of Karma: Good Habits or ‘Bad Karma’, The Law of Grace, No False Desire no Bad Karma, and Habit and habitual behaviour: Turning Willpower into Conviction.

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“The need to be slim keeps one from flowing with the natural process of weight management. The need to be wealthy keeps one from flowing with the natural process of right contribution, reward, and rest. The need to be loved fills the space which could otherwise be filled with love.”

- James Blacker, Wisdom The Course

Taken from Module Three

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