1. The Universe and The Wisdom of The Self

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In this first Module of Wisdom, The Course, we explore and define the very perimeters of ourselves and the main elements of being that any one person has.

Imagine yourself as a plot of land that you have just bought.  You might well want to walk around the edges of your land to find out exactly what it is that you have got.  You might then also be curious to find out what the potentials are for you to live and build upon it, cultivate and develop it.  And so it is as we explore and define the person and their reationship to both their own personhood, and to the Universe itself.

The latter, one’s relationship to the Universe itself, is more intimate and direct and more ‘real’ than one may have first thought.

In defining ‘body, mind and spirit’, many people have a difficulty with the term ’spirit’, but when we begin to define spirit as simply being ‘consciousness’, or pure awareness, we can much more easily understand a difference between this and, say, thought, for example.  This provides us with an insight into spiritual wisdom for life that the intellect can be much more comfortable with.

Defining spirit in such a way is crucial to understanding pure wisdom (as opposed to conventional wisdom, a slightly different thing which could perhaps more usefully be described as strategy, or know-how).  In doing so, we can begin to open up a whole new understanding of ourselves, and it is this that allows us to get at the very essence of what wisdom actually is.  This in turn allows us to develop a full understanding and application of the concept, which will then also later (in later Modules) lead us into understanding a wisdom for our health, our body, relationships, social and vocational life, financial mastery, and all other areas of life.

So in this first Module on The Universe and The Wisdom of The Self, we will look at the person, and such things as we shall define as The Finite Self, The Witness, the absolute and the relative, and, of course, a full introduction to wisdom itself.  We will look at the nature of what we call Absolute Truth and Relative Truth, and by doing this we can also begin our understanding of the two prime forces or drives of our personhood, which we have called Beingness and Becoming-ness.  This Module will leave you alive with the possibilities within your own self-discovery and expression, and, with practice and developed understanding, grounded in inner peace and awareness of your own self-sense fearless Authentic Self.

“When that sense of perfection is there, the ‘more perfect’ element of ‘perfect and more perfect’ becomes much more about enjoying the adventure, growth and becoming, than it otherwise is about fixing a perceived fundamental imperfection. When one truly awakens to this fact, this is when life begins to be fully enjoyed in earnest. There is no more ‘waiting for my boat to come in’ before we are happy, because there is always perfection and there is always more. The first factor of life, then, is that it is all one big, unconditional adventure.

So with awareness of our true nature we are pleased to both enjoy the moment in its and our perfection, and seek to become more than we currently are; to passionately engage in the direction of life.

But where do these two come from? What is it about the nature of the Universe and our place in it that makes beingness and becoming-ness the two key components of our existence and of our lives?” – James Blacker, taken from Wisdom The Course

…this, first Module of Wisdom will explain.

The Main Subject Headings of Module One…

The following are the main subject headings of Module One: The Universe and The Wisdom of The Self.

  • Perfect and More Perfect
  • The Universe
  • You as a Person
  • Introducing ‘Spirit’: The Witness
  • Life
  • Absolute and Relative Truth
  • Wisdom
  • The Wisdom of The Self
  • The Dimensions Defined – The Finishing Touches
  • Nonduality
  • Written and Observational Exercises
  • Test Yourself Questions

Smaller, subject sub-headings in this Module include; Awareness and Consciousness, ‘Mind’ is a form of form, One foot in each camp, Wisdom informs Form, The Inner Guide, Being Self-Referral, Right Action and Being ‘True to Self’.

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“The very essence of who we are as people is intrinsically defined by the fact that we are inextricably connected to other people, other things, and the World and Universe in and around us.

The notion that who we are starts and ends at the outer edges of our physical body is one that will only take us so far, and certainly not to the full level of fulfillment that we are capable of. If we wish to experience a fuller sense of harmony, health, prosperity, and connection, – and a deep sense of meaning, we may begin to think, act and live in terms of Integration…”

- James Blacker, Wisdom The Course

Taken from Module Thirteen

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