Full Wisdom Course Syllabus Details Are Now Available

Tuesday, February 2nd, 2010

At long last, the full details of the course syllabus for each of the twenty Modules of Wisdom The Course are now available, and this information site for the course is also now complete.

Wisdom The Course is Now Finished and Available

Sunday, September 6th, 2009

Wisdom is now finished and available for purchase. This website to explain it all isn’t though, so those interested in taking the course may wish to wait until this website is finalised to know more.

“We have established our Body Wisdom philosophy as primarily the ‘art and science of listening to the body’.

The information which the body provides, however, goes way beyond simply informing us of our body’s own needs. As part of its connectedness to everything else, and to our own minds, both conscious and subconscious, the body is effectively a tuning fork which can inform us of almost anything we need to know.

We don’t necessarily need to intellectually understand something – we intellectually understand that if our body signals are telling us something, then there is probably a good reason why.”

- James Blacker, Wisdom The Course

Taken from Module Eighteen

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