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The images gallery below will show you screenshot samples of just a few of the 997 pages of The Course, demonstrating the standard page display, the Main Menus, and a few examples of some of the 52 Key Message Pages.

Note: The images in the gallery below are only half-size, and of course in the real thing the text on the main pages will be fully visible.


“The very essence of who we are as people is intrinsically defined by the fact that we are inextricably connected to other people, other things, and the World and Universe in and around us.

The notion that who we are starts and ends at the outer edges of our physical body is one that will only take us so far, and certainly not to the full level of fulfillment that we are capable of. If we wish to experience a fuller sense of harmony, health, prosperity, and connection, – and a deep sense of meaning, we may begin to think, act and live in terms of Integration…”

- James Blacker, Wisdom The Course

Taken from Module Thirteen

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