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“Wisdom The Course blends the disciplines of spiritual wisdom and life coaching, perhaps as never before.”

Wisdom The Course in Use

Wisdom The Course is a home study screen-based life course you can do off-line.

Wisdom The Course is a 20 week, screen-based, home study life course of some 20 Modules that you can download after purchase from our Store and take (view and read) through its screens, off-line, at your convenience, through your favourite web browser.

It also has a Full Screen Feature design so that you can forget that you’re even in a web browser.

There are also a series of Further Features, including Exercise Sheets, Journal Sheets and Test Yourself Question and Answer sections, which you can print off from the PDF files provided and do at your leisure, or, if you don’t have a printer, complete them on a piece of plain or lined paper.

Once purchased and downloaded, you then install the files of The Course onto your home computer, where you will then have it for life, ready to take any time you want.

Written exercise and Journal Sheet PDFs and other elements can also be done at any time.

Written Exercise and Journal Sheet PDFs and other elements can also be printed and completed at any time.

There are 20 Modules of The Course, and so the reason why it is sometimes described as a 10 to 20 week course is because you have the choice to complete either one or two Modules each week. These are just guidelines though, and of course once you have purchased The Course you naturally have the choice to take any, each or all of the Modules at any time and rate as you wish. You can even re-take The Course every year or two as your perspectives and abilites to understand new things change.

You can also use the Journal Sheet PDFs and other elements at any time, and on an ongoing basis if you wish, as there’s often something to do some personal goal focussing, or other ‘inner work’ on, for maximizing the Course’s benefit and making the absolute most of your quality of life.

The ‘System Requirements’ are such that if you have a web browser (you do if you’re looking at this page), and a mere 19.4 MB of hard drive space, then you can successfully install and run the course’s software.

“Once we begin to see the immense benefits of guidance that come from committing to our deepest truths, following our Conscience becomes more and more welcoming with each victory of Self-Honesty. Confidence builds with each experiential awareness, until eventually, trusting in our Conscience becomes a natural and effortless occurrence.”

- James Blacker, Wisdom The Course

Taken from Module Ten

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