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James BlackerJames Blacker, The Founder of The Whole Life Whole World Integral Wisdom Movement, is the creator and author of Wisdom The Course.

As founder of first Papillon Human Potential, and, later, Whole Life Whole World, James is involved in pioneering virtually all of the Whole Life Whole World websites and projects. He is the author of the epic coaching programme, Wisdom The Course: The Way of True Success, and The Wisdom Diet, and is founder of The Body Wisdom Campaign and Culture, which aims to promote and encourage a culture of listening to the body for the benefit of all our health. James has also recorded audio products and interviews with some of the country’s top health experts, including Good Sleep with UK Sleep Expert, Dr Neil Stanley; Nutrition and Healthy Cells with the Human Nutritionist, Dr Laurent Bannock, and Strength for Life with founder of The National Rehabilitation Centre for The Paralysed, David Heard.  Read more…

How It Works

“Wisdom The Course blends the disciplines of spiritual wisdom and life coaching, perhaps as never before.”

Wisdom The Course in UseWisdom The Course is a 20 week, screen-based, home study life course of some 20 Modules that you can download after purchase from The Papillon Store and take (view and read) through its screens, off line, at your convenience, through your favourite web browser.

It also has a Full Screen Feature design so that you can forget that you’re even in a web browser.

There are also a series of Further Features, including Exercise Sheets, Journal Sheets and Test Yourself Question and Answer sections, which you can print off from the PDF files provided and do at your leisure, or, if you don’t have a printer, complete them on a piece of plain or lined paper.

Once purchased and downloaded, you then install the files of The Course onto your home computer, where you will then have it for life, ready to take any time you want.  Read more…

ShortcutSystem Requirements

The system requirements for the course are very simple indeed.

As long as you can browse web pages then you can view the course, which will be stored on your computer, off-line.

This is done by going to File > Open in your web browser, choosing the Browse option, and opening the homepage file of the course (index.htm) from the folder that you installed the course into. You can also do this by double-clicking the index.htm file from Windows Explorer, or similar.  Read more…

Downloading The Course Upon Purchase

The Papillon Store automatically requests that you set up a new (free) user account before you buy anything.  This is for the simple reason that most of the products of the store are digital products acquired by downloading, and so you need to be logged in to the store system to collect them.

Upon sign up, once you have purchased The Course, you can simply log in to your ‘My Downloadable Products’ area of the store and download The Course. You will also be automatically sent a confirmation email which also includes the link to your account’s Downloadable Products page.  Read more…

Installing The Course

Install The CourseOnce you have downloaded The Course from your ‘My Downloadable Products’ area of your account within The Papillon Store, you can then install it onto your computer, and you will then have it for life.

The Course is downloaded as a Single Source File (a zipped up .exe file) which contains all of the files of The Course in a single file.

To install The Course, simply double-click the downloaded .exe Source File from Windows Explorer or similar. The file will unzip itself automatically without the need for you to have any WinZip software, and will install itself into a folder of your choice.  Read more…

Screenshots From Wisdom The Course…

The images gallery will show you screenshot samples of just a few of the 997 pages of The Course, demonstrating the standard page display, the Main Menus, and a few examples of some of the 52 Key Message Pages.  Read more…

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“The more we see time and future years as abundant, or at least there to be enjoyed to the fullest, the more likely we are to fulfill that experience as a reality – and we will certainly experience our current moments with more fulfillment. So the most sensible and most logical approach is to step boldly into the future with passion and purpose. This is simply the power of belief in action. We must release our Egoic attachment to which side of the years we happen to be on in order to actually get the full benefit of them.”

- James Blacker, Wisdom The Course

Taken from Module Twenty

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