Full Wisdom Course Syllabus Details Are Now Available

At long last, the full details of the course syllabus for each of the twenty modules of Wisdom The Course are now available, and this information site for the course is also now complete.

Intertwined with launching and developing all of the areas, projects and websites of Whole Life Whole World, I have been quietly writing up detailed descriptions to outline the contents of this unique 10 to 20 week, 20 module home study life course, which is also my flagship teaching presentation, or wisdom-based coaching product, with over 102,000 words of wisdom.

The full Syllabus list and summary can be seen here, with links from that to fuller and more detailed summaries of each of the sections.  In the summaries alone, you will find insights on a wide range of life topics, from health and prosperity, to emotions, relationships, communication and time.

A Screenshots Gallery from the course is also available, which can be seen from the homepage, or below.

And you can also find out about the Further Features of the course in this section, which include Journals and Exercise Sheets, Test Yourself Question and Answer sections, personal practice Awareness Exercises, Full Screen display, and 52 Key Message Pages.

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Best wishes,

James Blacker

Wisdom The Course Screenshots Gallery

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“...if we are interacting with someone and we are influenced by Shadow, we may effectively not be talking with them at all, but with the representation of what they trigger in us. We are physically speaking to the person in front of us, but we are not really seeing or speaking to them, we are interacting with the effects and representations of our Shadow beliefs – and using this third person as a ‘dummy’ to do so. Not that they’ll thank us for it.”

- James Blacker, Wisdom The Course

Taken from Module Four

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